Roberto Here are additional information about myself:
  • Who I am
  • What I did so far
  • What I like or I would like to do
  • Which are my interests

I graduated in Electronic Engineering in 1991 at Politecnico of Milan

I served in the Army in the Italian Alpine Corp Alpini in Schlanders (Bozen)

I like very much TRAVELLING to visit new places and to know different people and cultures.

Even if I like the sea, I love especially the MOUNTAINS in all the seasons (in fact you find a lot of sections dedicated to them and to all the activities you can do there) ... I also like to read BOOKS about the mountains.

I've never attended a training (sooner or later I would like to), but I have an interest for PHOTOGRAPHY and when I go around rarely I don't seize my photo-camera.

I like to listen to good MUSIC especially when I'm sitting in front of my pc or in my car.
Recently I also love to go to the OPERA and in less than three years I already attended several performances.

I'm neither an expert nor a frequent visitor but I like to go to the CINEMA.

I always loved to watch and to practise SPORTS.

Unfortunately I have no time now but for many years I loved to play CHESS.

... and last but not least I started to like COOKING.